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Indigenous Counselling

A trusted source to help you with your mental health needs.

Indigenous Counselling is specialized mental health therapy for First Nations people in Ontario. 

I am an Indigenous psychologist, I specialize in the impact of racism, trauma from residential schools, and intergenerational trauma from the complexities of the social and political history of colonization. 

I also work with Indigenous people who are interested in exploring personal identity as it relates to their ethnic, racial, and cultural background. 

As an Indigenous therapist I am culturally informed and integrate cultural values, knowledge, and practices into therapy when applicable. I also truly believe that our Indigenous culture is embedded with wellness and healing practices that help you to feel your best and improve mental health. 


focuses on cultural informed techniques blended into the therapeutic setting. Counsellors specialize the impacts of Residential Schools, impacts of racial discrimination and oppression, murder and missing indigenous peoples, cultural genocide and forced assimilation. Counsellors focus on the integration of cultural knowledge and cultural practices to help with healing and well-being.  

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NIHB provider 

Whether your reside in Akwesasne, Ottawa, Toronto, London, Thunder Bay or any communities in-between 

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