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Mental Health Services

Online Therapy for Indigenous People in Ontario

Most of us are looking to feel more balanced, rooted, and grounded. But sometimes in seasons of hardship, we feel stuck, overwhelmed, and not sure how to move forward. 

Therapy can help you achieve the wellness and healing that you are seeking. 

Whether you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed from life's demands, feeling sad or not interested in things you use to enjoy, maybe anxiety has taken over your life, or your 


Counselling can help! 


Therapy Provides a Sacred Space To 

Be Vulnerable

Be Honest with Yourself 

Express Your Disappointment, Regret, Worry, Sadness, Grief, Wishes and Other Emotions that arise

Be Supported and Be Seen

Process Your Story

Mental Health Therapy

Vector illustration of a head with a woman on a swing touching a heart.


Focuses on your unique story and personal goals.


Focuses on helping you feel grounded, balanced, and rooted.

Vector illustration of a head with a woman putting puzzle pieces together inside the head.
Blue vector illustration of a head with a woman untangling a roll of string in the head.

anxiety therapy

Focuses on helping you feel calm and content.


Focuses on helping you find joy.

A blue and white vector illustration of a head with a woman sitting on the floor and flowers growing in the head.
A blue, white, and orange vector illustration of a head with four flowers growing out of the head a woman watering the flowers.


Focuses on helping you process trauma and feel peace and contentment.

Our Approach to
Mental Health

How we are different!


Wellness consists of balancing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of yourself. 


Understanding the complex nature of mental health and being non-judgmental, patient, and compassionate. 


Embracing the psychology of Indigenous ancestors and the clinical training of Western psychology. 


Empowering you with the skills, tools, and resources to master your mental health. 


Doctorate level training and clinical practice that is highly specialized in Indigenous mental health and well-being. 


Acknowledging and understanding the historical, political, and social injustice of Indigenous people and the impact on mental health. 

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