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Healing Starts with One Step

by Dr. Dana Seymour, C. Psych.

Starting to heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, racial injustices, or colonization may seem really overwhelming.

Feeling overwhelmed can sometimes prevent you from taking action towards healing.

One way to combat feeling overwhelmed is to take one small step a day. It doesn't have to take a long time, even a couple of minutes can help you feel better.

One small step will lead to another small step, will lead to another small step. It's great how small changes can compound over time and not just improve your mental and emotional health, but your spiritual and physical health too.

Small gradual steps really is the key to long term healing and wellness.

You just need to start with one step towards healing:

One smudge is healing.

One deep breathe is healing.

One good night sleep is healing.

One talk with an Elder is healing.

One minute in mother nature is healing.

One thing you are thankful for is healing.

One activity that feeds your soul is healing.

One reflection on how resilient you are is healing.

If you would like some support in taking that one step, I'd love to help you incorporate some healing practices into your daily life.

Dr. Dana Seymour, C. Psych.

I am a registered Indigenous clinical psychologist specializing in Indigenous mental health. I provide therapy for trauma, anxiety, depression, racial injustice, and colonization in the province of Ontario. I help you get to the root cause of your emotions so you can feel balanced, rooted, and grounded.

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