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Dr. Dana Seymour, Indigenous psychologist, sitting on a couch with white and black pillows

Counselling for the Strong and Resilient in Ontario

Therapy for the Good Life Starts Here

I imagine you found yourself here because you're in a hard season. 

In seasons of hardship there are intense emotions, distracting thoughts, and stressful days.

The people I work with struggle as you do. Despite being strong and resilient, life can be hard!

Most of the people I work with come to therapy for support with a challenging life situation, difficulties from the past, a lack of joy in their days, and/or struggling to do the things that are important to them. 

They are constantly taking care of others, where it be children, Elders, the community, or social justice issues. Leaving their own self care to be placed on the back burner.  

Above the surface they are desperately trying to hold it together, below the surface they feel overwhelmed, sad, and stressed.

They've tried different things to try and feel better, but nothing seems to help, leaving them feeling stuck and 

like the hard season will never end. 


I believe that whatever life may throw at you, expected or unexpected, you are capable and have what it takes to make your way through. Even if life feels uncertain, exhausted, and overwhelming, I believe you are strong and resilient.

I believe that with the right psychologist, therapy can be profound and help you create a path toward to healing, wellness, and the life you've imagined.


Let's get you feeling balanced, rooted, and whole again. 

Let's make you a priority in your life so you can feel like yourself again. 

Let's get started on skills you need to tackle the hard moments in life and start healing the hard seasons. 

You don't have to tackle this alone! 

Young lady sitting on a couch with a laptop next to a round table with a turtle, basket, and floral arrangement

Helping You Prioritize Mental Health, Healing, & Wellness

NIHB | FNHA Approved Mental Health Therapist &
Telus Health Provider
Let us take care of the insurance, so you can focus on feeling better


Mental Health Therapy

Your mental health is a priority

Online therapy for mental health counselling, wellness, and healing. 

Blue vector illustration of a head with a woman on a swing touching a heart.


Focuses on your unique story and personal goals.


Focuses on helping you feel grounded, balanced, and rooted.

Blue vector illustration of head with a woman putting puzzle pieces together.
Vector illustration of a head with a women untangling string.

anxiety therapy

Focuses on helping you feel calm and content.


Focuses on helping you find joy.

Vector illustration of a head with daisy flowers growing inside and a woman sitting on the floor.
Vector illustration of a head and a woman watering flowers inside the head.


Focuses on helping you process trauma and feel peace and contentment.

Starting Therapy is Easy

Complete Contact Form

Click here to complete the contact form. Dr. Dana will contact you within 24-hours to schedule a consult.

Meet with Dr. Dana

Meet online to make sure Dr. Dana is a good fit for you and your needs. 

Start Healing

Start therapy to begin your healing process. Learn new skills to manage your mental health and start to feel balanced, rooted, and grounded.


Benefits of Online Therapy

    Culturally informed therapy with a psychologist.

    Compassion centered care.

    Modern approach to get the right therapy for you.

    Practical tools to manage mental health.

    Wholistic approach to wellness.

    Therapy for when and where you need it. 

Hi. She:kon. I'm Dr. Dana Seymour!

I help support Indigenous people in prioritizing mental health, healing the hard seasons, and focusing on wellness.


I'm passionate about breaking down barriers for mental health and provide therapy that is accessible and convenient.


I believe everyone should have access to counselling that is culturally appropriate and sensitive to the unique social, political, and historical context of Indigenous people.

I've been a registered clinical psychologist for over 15 years and have worked with Indigenous people and communities across Ontario.


As an approved Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) provider, I seek prior approval and submit benefits on your behalf. I'm also registered with Telus Health and can directly bill your third party insurance when possible.

 Let's get you living the good life! 

Dr. Dana Seymour, Indigenous Psychologist for Mental Health Therapy and Healing

Convenient culturally informed therapy for Indigenous people in Ontario.

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